EverQuest Next ditches lore and general discussion forums


Assuming that there will be a wealth of lore and backstory in EverQuest Next, you won’t be finding out about it on the official forums.

Daybreak announced yesterday that it is shutting down both the lore and general discussion forums for EverQuest Next as part of its “corporate realignment.” This leaves the upcoming fantasy title with only three sub-forums on the official site: News, Style Guides, and Workshop, only the last of which allows players to start threads. Threads in the other forums have been temporarily archived until March 31st for players to copy if so desired. Two forums now reroute players directly to Twitch and Reddit.

EverQuest Next isn’t the only game to get its forum support slashed; EverQuest II lost several sub-forums last week. Over in the Landmark forums, Daybreak rep Dexella posted,

You should still be able to start threads in The Workshop over on EQN. If not, let us know. There isn’t a General Gameplay Discussion forum right now because, well, on EQN there is no General Gameplay. Reddit is an open discussion forum if you want to use it. We’ll still be checking/posting with The Workshop and we will likely be adding discussions to News & Announcements as we have more to share as well. The EQN forums will grow as we get closer to players actually being able to touch the game.

As for Landmark, we’ve made all the changes we have planned structure wise. The maintenance will take place tomorrow, and then we should be set here. We did link to the Landmark reddit here too, if people are interested in it.

Dexella has also clarified on Twitter that “lore threads are being moved to News/Announcements for now. They’re not gone.”

[Source: Forum changes. Thanks to Paul and Enikuo for the tip!]
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