Pantheon devs release part two of lengthy audiocast


The Pantheon devs got together for a roundtable podcast on February 28th, and they released the second part of the audio clip yesterday. Creative director Chris Perkins is joined by CEO Brad McQuaid and community manager Ben Walters as they answer various fan-generated questions about Pantheon’s design over the course of a half hour.

The team talks about everything from lore to combat and classes to the game’s take on mana mechanics. “Maybe mana’s not the greatest word or we need to broaden what it means,” McQuaid explains. “To me, it includes endurance, it includes your chi, it includes your virtue and all sorts of different resources that we’ll assign colors to and that can be shared between classes.”

If you missed the podcast’s first installment, it’s still up on Soundcloud.

[Source: Soundcloud]
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