Sex and horror will mix in Revival


Revival is definitely aiming for a mature rating, as the horror MMO is also hinting that sex will be a part of the game. The team said that it will do a blog post on this topic soon, but on a livestream a dev said that there will be risque armor that will be worn not for combat but for engaging in carnal pleasures.

Currently the team is working on an interactive map of one of the game’s key locations, Crowns Rock. If you can’t wait to see what that will look like, you can at least read through a description of what it might be like to walk through that Lovecraftian village.

The team is also mulling over a possible ageing and dying mechanic where your character might die for good but will pass along wealth and experience to an heir. It’s asked the community for feedback on the subject. “I find the potential solution for alt addiction in an incentive not to reroll, but to play until the inevitable decision to die or to spiritually ‘go rogue’ — depending on how ready you are to play a new way,” wrote Content Director Ombwah.

[Source: Official forums, Reddit. Thanks to Paganrites for the tip!]
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