Crowfall eyes artifacts and relics as a new stretch goal


With eight days left in its Kickstarter campaign, Crowfall is pushing hard for last-minute stretch goal milestones. In addition to mounts and caravans if the project reaches $1.3M, the team will hand out a pig pack animal if the 14,500 backer mark is reached and add the God’s Reach ruleset and an artifact and relics system to the core module if $1.4M is donated.

A new dev blog attempts to explain why artifacts and relics are a worthy addition to the PvP title. These are items that are lootable in campaigns that can be brought back to a player’s permanent home and installed to bestow special benefits on that character and home world.

You can watch the devs, ahem, crow about having the 20th largest Kickstarter video game campaign of all time as well as cover the new stretch goals after the jump.

[Source: Dev blog, Kickstarter]
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