Elsword’s Add gets a new job path: The Time Tracer

KOG Games has unveiled a new job and path for Add, the mechanic character in Elsword whose base class is the Tracer. In the game’s newest update, Add can unlock the Time Tracer job path to complete his story and add a time manipulation aspect to his playstyle.

A tale of the twisting of a mind that would drive even the most grounded of heroes to their knees with madness. From this madness echoes Add’s new Job path and continued story-arch for the delightfully twisted character. Time Tracer opens the third and final chapter in the Elsword Darkness is Coming series, and like many recent Darkness updates, Add’s story casts some shadow onto what is already a morbid allegory, and pushes the boundaries of genius beyond the brink of insanity.

One huge advantage Add has over every other character in Elsword is that he effectively has two MP bars and the Time Tracer Job takes Add to a whole new level. Thanks to the Time Tracer Job’s Passive Skill “Nasod Armor Mode – Overlimit”, Add is able to toggle between two combat modes: Configuration Mode and Dissolution Mode. Configuration Mode allows Add to use DP instead of MP when using skills. Dissolution Mode enables Add to use MP instead of DP. This passive also has an added bonus: every time a player uses a skill, it will refund back a set amount of MP or DP by factoring what mode they are in and what skills were used. Thanks to this, Time Tracer can cast way more skills than any other class can ever hope to achieve!

There’s even a new video, exclusive to MOP today. Enjoy!

[Source: Elsword press release]
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