Skyforge begins second closed beta on March 24th

This isn't a promo shot, it is literally this empty.

If the first week-long test of Skyforge just whetted your appetite, you’ll be able to get a second helping very soon. The game is kicking off its second closed beta test on March 24th; previous participants will be welcomed back and joined by new invitees. Even if you’re picking up where you left off, there’s plenty of new content in the second test to try out, starting with four new classes for you to unlock and use.

Aside from trying out Archer, Necromancer, Kinetic, and Slayer, players will have access to a new open world zone in Naori Island, 8v8 Superiority PvP, two new squad adventures, a new five-person dungeon, and the new CUBE-style instance dubbed Nedder Test Area. There will also be special PvP events taking place during the two weeks of testing. Would-be players who aren’t lucky enough to get into the tests but still want to participate should consider picking up a Founder’s Pack, which provides definite access to this and all future betas.

[Source: CBT2 Announcement]
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