SWTOR livestream introduces new planet, outfit designer

Star Wars: The Old Republic teased at the Community Cantina and in the producer’s letter that 3.2 would be one of the biggest patches to date. And if the information given on the latest livestream is any indication, it will be.

Community Manager Eric Musco hosted Producer Bruce Maclean and Lead Designer Michael Backus in a livestream yesterday to tell the SWTOR fans about the upcoming update 3.2: Rise of the Emperor.

One of the two biggest items on that list is the cold, rocky planet of Ziost. We know from Star Wars lore that this is the original capital planet of the Sith Empire, but strange things have been happening here. And there is every sign that the dreaded Sith Emperor has awakened from his slumber here.

However, the biggest thing to be introduced in the presentation beyond Ziost was the Outfit Designer, which will allow players to equip armor specifically for aesthetics while maintaining the stats of the other armor underneath it.

The full video for the livestream is past the cut; however, if you’d like to see it for yourself, it’s live on the PTS right now.

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