Revival says it will feature ‘graphic sex’


Those of you with sex on the brain may find the latest Revival dev post enlightening. Before we get to the bumping and grinding, though, it’s important to remember that Illfonic is building a virtual world.

“We are not a theme park game. This is a living world that moves on without you,” the devs explain. “This also means we want total and complete immersion. You won’t see ultra hot tiny women with white teeth, perfect hair, and skimpy armor running around fighting evil creatures. This isn’t realistic in the world of Revival. This is a medieval time period. It is dirty, it is gross, and the people are gross within it.”

So gross, in fact, that things like “taking a shit, pissing, having sex, slavery, serial killing abilities, and more” will be in-game activities. Illfonic says that you can have “graphic sex” in Revival, and characters with healthy sex lives will have “strong perk bonuses.” As for the deed itself, it’s a cooperative minigame with appropriate animations that continues as long as both parties can “maintain.”

Would you like to know more? Come on, be honest!

[Source: Blog Update #18; thanks Paganrites!]

[Please note that the comment section hereunder is really, truly NSFW.]

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