Dungeon Fighter Online returns tomorrow


After a two-year absence from the NA gaming scene, Dungeon Fighter Online is roaring back for another chance. The title’s first open beta test launches tomorrow and will run through April 13th. Don’t let the “beta” part of that mislead you, however, as this will be one of those soft launch scenarios with no expected wipes.

Even though the beta starts tomorrow, you can go ahead and download the game today so that you can get ready to jump in when it starts.

Players can earn various rewards by leveling up in the beta, and will in fact be gifted with a bunch of goodies just for logging into the game. The dev team is currently streaming a 24-hour Dungeon Fighter Online office marathon for fans to enjoy while they wait for the doors to open.

[Source: Dungeon Fighter Online, Twitch, beta events, FAQ. Thanks to Brandon, Phenomen, Darkstar, and Ehra for the tip!]
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