Skyforge previews the Lightbinder

Those who fear darkness alone have never seen what the light can do.

Skyforge enters its second phase of closed beta tomorrow, with more classes to explore and more regions open to players. If you’ve taken part in the previous tests or you’re flagged for this one, you’ve already had some hands-on experience with the Lightbinder, but fans watching from the sidelines will have to content themselves with a new preview of the class. There’s also a class trailer, naturally, embedded just past the break.

The Lightbinder is a party support class, focused on shielding and empowering allies as well as dealing damage from afar. Notable abilities include resurrecting those who fall in battle, searing enemies with piercing beams of light, and turning into pure light to create a passive bolstering effect for your allies. Check out the video just past the break to see all of the shiny abilities in action.

[Source: Meet the Lightbinder]
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