EVE Online’s Sleepers are stealing corpses to rebuild their bodies


When unstable wormholes began opening all across EVE Online back in 2009, players cautiously ventured forth into the unknown and discovered the ruins of the ancient Sleeper civilisation. Protected by powerful AI ships, the Sleepers lay dormant in stasis pods and wired into a virtual environment, their bodies withered from 10,000 years of cold storage. We farmed the latent race’s automated protectors for parts to build tech 3 cruisers, and even harvested some of their bodies for advanced implants to give ground troops access to cloning technology. It was only a matter of time before the Sleepers awoke, and now it looks as if they’re arming for war.

If you’ve been following EVE‘s recent storyline, you’ll know that Circadian Seeker drones have been reported warping around star systems and scanning ships and objects. They discovered cloaked Jove outposts full of technology, and had the opportunity to scan players with Jovian cloning tech. At EVE Fanfest 2015, CCP took the story one step further with a trailer (after the cut) showing Drifter battleships harvesting capsuleer corpses and using them to rebuild their own bodies. Now players have discovered that this is actually happening in-game; If you die in a system with Circadian Seekers or eject a corpse into space, the body will be picked up and taken for processing. You can read more about the recent events and upcoming features in EVE at CCP’s brand new Updates page.

[Source: EVE Updates, @HilmarVeigar]


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