Minsc and Boo go for the eyes in Neverwinter’s Elemental Evil

While fans are surely looking forward to Neverwinter’s sixth expansion, which is launching just two weeks from now, a portion of the anticipation may be due less to the expansion itself and more to the two characters that are headlining it. Elemental Evil is bringing in two beloved characters from the Balder’s Gate series: Minsc and Boo. Come April 7th, Neverwinter players will be able to hobnob with the memorable duo of ranger and miniature giant space hamster that captured many a heart. But how exactly will these two play into the events in-game? How will players get to interact with them? And will they go for the eyes?

We talked to Randy Mosiondz, senior game designer on Neverwinter, to find out.

Massively Overpowered: Where will players run into the dynamic duo of Minsc and Boo?

Randy Mosiondz, senior game designer: When you come to Protector’s Enclave in Neverwinter, you’ll notice druids of the Emerald Enclave have planted a massive mystical tree in the middle of the main plaza. Archdruid Morningdawn explains that great unnatural elemental disturbances are cropping up around the Sword Coast, and they need heroes to help investigate. As a ranger forsworn to uphold goodness, Minsc is there to help the cause.

Will there be a minimum-level requirement for players to be able to interact with the two?

The Elemental Evil storyline is available for level 60 players. Lower-level players can still go to Protector’s Enclave and admire the rugged handsomeness of the beloved Rashemi ranger from afar.

How will the pair be introduced lore-wise?

Obviously, a lot of time has passed between the events in the Baldur’s Gate computer game and those of the current Neverwinter game. So how did Minsc and Boo get to present-day Neverwinter? The story is detailed in the current IDW comic series featuring the two [Dungeons & Dragons Legends of Baldur’s Gate], but in short: At some point in the past, Minsc and Boo were turned to stone, and the statue placed in respected place of memory in the city of Baldur’s Gate. A long while passed, until the magic of a wild mage caused the stone statue to revert to its normal state of a man and his hamster. At the request of the Emerald Enclave, Minsc and Boo have traveled to Neverwinter to help battle the new Elemental Evil that threatens the Sword Coast.

Why were Minsc and Boo chosen to enter the story as opposed to other possible characters?

Part of it is the timing of the IDW comic series. While we ideally would introduce Minsc and Boo in a Baldur’s Gate storyline in Neverwinter, we don’t have any current plans for that. And as long as evil butt is being kicked, Minsc and Boo have no problem showing up elsewhere.

Will the duo become companions in an adventure as in days of yore or be relegated to being stationary NPCs that players simply travel to and talk with?

You will indeed be fighting alongside the duo as you investigate the Elemental Evil cults! Minsc and Boo are powerful allies to have.

At any time will the pair “go for the eyes”?

Eyes will be bitten. There is no restraining the fury of Boo when faced with evil!

Will Minsc be voiced, and if so, by whom? Was there any effort to acquire the talent of Jim Cummings who brought the character to life in the Balder’s Gate series?

Minsc will indeed be voiced, but by one of our regular voice-over talents (who is quite good at it!). We looked into acquiring the talent of Jim Cummings but unfortunately were unable to at this time.

How would you address the players who might think adding the pair is just a nostalgia grab?

We’re gamers here at Cryptic Studios. Many of us have played the old Baldur’s Gate games and fondly remember the characters of Minsc and Boo. When we were asked if we wanted to incorporate Minsc and Boo into Neverwinter, we were thrilled to have the opportunity. While there’s certainly some degree of nostalgia involved, it’s also paired with a lot of love and respect.

Thanks for your time! Note that while the update arrives in April, Neverwinter launches on Xbox One on March 31, further expanding the game’s reach. Preloading is open now.

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