RIFT patch 3.2 plans massive wardrobe overhaul


Sporting the latest fashion will be much easier with RIFT’s upcoming 3.2 patch, Echoes of Madness. It will include a sweeping overhaul to the way that the wardrobe functions, giving players even more choices than before.

A new dev diary posted today takes the time to walk players through the expected changes. The biggest difference with the current system is that the new wardrobe will allow you to unlock and save cosmetic appearances indefinitely, freeing up the storage of actual gear. The new interface will give you all of your cosmetic and dye options for each slot as you build an outfit. Speaking of dyes, all players will get a handful of colors unlocked when 3.2 hits, while additional ones will need to be purchased with credits.

More info about the new system, including set collections and cosmetic weapons, are detailed in the post. What outfits will you be making?

[Source: Wardrobe update]
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