WildStar contract, wardrobe, and minipet patch hits the test realms

It's the economy, stupid!

Ready to enjoy the wonders of an improved wardrobe system, the Contract mechanics, and an array of minipets in WildStar? The game’s next major patch is not yet on the live servers, but it is on the test servers. So you can jump in and try out all of the changes on the test realm before they go live, or more likely you can make a bunch of new outfits and not actually “test” anything.

If you’re not as enthusiastic about the patch because it doesn’t contain any new battlegrounds… well, you’ve picked an odd time to be upset about that since one was never announced. But there is a new developer in charge of battlegrounds, so perhaps your hopes for some new content on that horizon¬†will be answered sooner rather than later.

[Source: PTR Patch Notes, Battlegrounds Domain Owner]
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