Dungeons & Dragons Online drops Update 25 and the Temple of Elemental Evil

For one reading of this sequence of words, this looks right.
So what is the Temple of Elemental Evil? Is it a temple devoted to evil performed by elementals? Is it a temple devoted to the element “evil,” which isn’t really an element but makes about as much sense as considering “fire” an element? Is it simply a temple devoted to the most basic or elemental form of evil? Tell you what – you go ahead and try the newest Dungeons & Dragons Online patch and let us know in the comments. We like having fun with words.

It also features Wil Wheaton! That has nothing to do with clarifying the exact nature of the temple and any evil therein, it just means a known actor and writer is voicing something therein.

The temple isn’t the only element in the newest patch, of course. There are balance changes to several enhancements, updates and improvements for Rogues in general, and adjustments to power granted by several Feats. But the temple is the centerpiece, and it’s the only part we can make some wordplay-based jokes around. You should still check out the full patch notes to get a clearer view of the patch, though.

[Source: Official site]
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