EVE Online fan calculates an 18% drop in subscriptions


There used to be a time when CCP would eagerly release every new subscriber milestone that EVE Online hit, but that era has passed. For a while now, the studio has not publicly mentioned sub numbers, leaving the fanbase to wonder if the game’s population is declining.

EVE player and blogger The Nosy Gamer engaged in a whirlwind of math and deductions to attempt to arrive at what he believes is a reliable figure. He uses the studio-released information of how many players voted in the recent CSM and extrapolated that the game has lost around 18% of subscriptions in the past two years. “The basic formula for determining the number of accounts based on election numbers is: Eligible subscribed accounts = total votes / turnout %,” he posted.

Of course, until or unless CCP releases official numbers, efforts to deduce the game’s population are purely speculative. EVE Online hit an apparent high-water mark of 500,000 subscribers in February 2013.

[Source: The Nosy Gamer]
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