Guild Wars 2 hopes to reinspire interest in story

This is what happens when you give guns to plants.

It’s hard to be a Sylvari in Guild Wars 2 at the moment. After all, the plant people have an undeniable tie to the elder dragon Mordremoth, a tie that even they aren’t fully aware of. It makes the time before the launch of Heart of Thorns a perfect time to play through the game’s story as a Sylvari to understand the magnitude of Mordremoth’s power, a topic discussed on the most recent installment of the official Guild Wars 2 community show, Points of Interest.

This particular episode focuses heavily on exploring the story, understanding what’s coming in the expansion, and how the game’s designers intend to make future portions of the personal story more resonant for players. The Mastery lines, in particular, will allow players to explore more thoroughly and look at aspects of story instances they may not have previously seen. The team is also trying hard to make sure that story matches more closely what’s going on in a given zone, as the current incarnation of personal story quests are often disconnected from the zone players are in. Take a look past the break for the full episode recording.

[Source: Points of Interest summary]
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