Skyforge developers explain monetization and power

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You can argue all you want over the definition of pay-to-win, but no one really likes the idea of a free-to-play game in which players can just buy the tools to be better than another player. Skyforge is currently in open beta in Russia, and players have noticed that you can simply buy credits for real money, allowing you to bypass the weekly credit limit and upgrade your character far faster. This has sparked a bit of consternation among the players, which has now been addressed by the latest development blog outlining monetization.

While players will be able to exchange Argents (the game’s microtransaction currency) for credits, there are two limiting factors in place to keep the power balance. First of all, there are hard caps on how far a player can upgrade everything; buying credits will allow players to advance faster but not higher. Second, most forms of enhancement are gated through means other than credits, so buying credits won’t even serve specifically to speed up many forms of advancement. This may not mollify players upset by the monetization, but it does at least mean everyone is on the same page about how it works.

[Source: Skyforge Monetization Explained]
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