Triad Wars AMA talks co-op, the Sleeping Dogs world, and more

Triad Wars

Did you like Sleeping Dogs? I sure did, and so I’m more than a little curious about Triad Wars, the online¬†spinoff from United Front Games that’s currently in testing. Fortunately for me, the devs did an AMA on Reddit yesterday that answered a few of my questions.

Topics include how the new online multiplayer title fits into the Sleeping Dogs¬†world (it’s set just prior to the original game, and players will be “part of the problem that Wei Shen was sent to clean up”), the game’s engine (the proprietary Sleeping Dogs engine “with lots of nifty improvements”), and the addition of female avatars (not yet, but eventually).

UFG also says that Triad Wars is not an MMO, but that it is expanding its multiplayer features to include co-op. The dev team will be answering additional questions on Twitch this Thursday.

[Source: Reddit]



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