Black Desert adjusts for ‘casual lite’ Korean market

Stunning absolutely no one who's been following along, it's like people don't want MMOs to be jobs any longer.

Every game changes during testing, but Black Desert seems to have changed even more significantly compared to its original vision from the fan standpoint. One such fan recently penned an article explaining what changes the game has made since its first iteration and why fans are frustrated by them. What’s behind all those changes? A new interview with Pearl Abyss explains that there’s a pretty simple reason: Testers demanded them.

“The tendency of users changed a lot in the past couple of years, and the changes are lot more certain with players exposed to mobile environment,” PA told the fansite. “There are a lot of casual lite gamers in Korean market. We are servicing our game based on our players’ demands.”

Western fans who aren’t happy with the shifts can take heart that the version of the game that lands in North America and Europe will be different from the Korean version. There’s also a spot of hope for players eager to try the game for themselves, as the western version is apparently due to enter testing on an accelerated schedule. Take a gander at the full interview for details on why the game is what it currently is.

[Source: Black Desert Revelation. Thanks, Kinya and Dystopiq.]
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