Eternal Crusade updates players on design goals and founder packs

That old saw.

The melee combat in Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade has gone through several revisions, and it’s going to go through several more. The latest State of the Crusade letter to fans makes it clear that the development goal is to make sure that the melee combat – which makes up a good 50% of the game’s combat – is smooth, responsive, and awesome to play. Anything less, according to the letter, is a disservice to the players and the fans.

The letter also discusses the game’s microtransaction store, noting that it is meant to be 100% optional and that the game should be fun without using it, but at the same time it should have things that players want to buy so that the developers can keep developing the game. Two big founder packs in the store are being removed soon since they were meant as limited-time items that weren’t removed after that limited time, but a new pack will be filling the slot; you can read all the details in the full letter.

[Source: State of the Crusade III]
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