Exclusive: Cabal II previews four launch dungeons


Upcoming MMO Cabal II has previously showcased on Massively OP its fluid combat mechanics and RIFT-like Abysmo system that spawns random mini-dungeons in the open world. Today, we’re getting a look at the game’s more permanent dungeons. GM Icee returns to tour Frostrock Forest, Lurpurs Excavation Site, Halls of the Recluse, and Heavenly Citadel, which run the spectrum from noob to expert.

The nifty bit about Cabal II’s dungeons is that they come with multiple difficulty modes that shift around stats, rewards, mobs, and even map hints based on which mode is chosen. Some dungeons can even be soloed — in “easy mode,” that is.

Check out the dungeon spotlight video below for the full run-down.

[Source: Exclusive press release]
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