Games of Glory ‘SHMOBA’ features persistent universe, shooter mechanics

Games of Glory

Are you in the market for a new MOBA? Developer Lightbulb Crew is making one called Games of Glory and it’s coming to Steam “early this summer,” according to a new press release. Curiously, the firm has chosen to release a cinematic trailer focusing on “the narrative that will be the driving force” behind the new title.

“We really don’t think there is a term currently out there that truly encapsulates what Games of Glory is,” says Lightbulb co-founder Anders Larsson. “The best thing I can think of is ‘SHMOBA,’ because it has qualities of the popular MOBA genre while creating an innovative gameplay experience with its shooter mechanics.”

Games of Glory boasts MOBA-style arenas and “action, equipment, perks, and skill-based gameplay” from popular shooters. The press release also describes the title as a “living persistent universe” without any “auto-attack or lane phases.”

[Source: Lightbulb Crew press release]



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