How Crowfall will be built for around $6M


How can Crowfall be made with less than $10 million in this day and age? That’s the big question of the day that Executive Producer Gordon Walton decided to answer for fans at this year’s International Game Developers Association meeting.

“We’re doing a much smaller than normal MMO by choosing to be PvP-focused, doing algorithmic world generation, tight (but effective!) constraints on character customization and heavily reliance on off-the-shelf technologies,” Walton said. “Our cost for the core game will be in the $6 million range.”

The funding for Crowfall will be a combination of early investors, Kickstarter monies, continued donations on the website, licensing foreign rights, and securing additional investments. The game’s current stretch goal is aiming to hire an additional graphics programmer and localize for six additional languages.

If you’re interested in the business side of MMO development, Walton pointed fans to an IGDA panel that you can watch here:

[Source: Dev diary, Twitter]
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