Mo’s Egg Hunt: April 16, 2015


When Massively Overpowered first announced its partnership with NewEgg, we promised more from the relationship than just advertising. And we’ve delivered! You’ve already seen some awesome giveaways and a few pretty keen deals.

Now, we’re making sure the best people in the world (that’s you, our readers, natch) continue to benefit from this relationship. Check out these outstanding deals we’re delivering to you.. and feel free to use these links if you buy, for, uh, reasons. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the best offers for our readers, so keep an eye out for our Egg Hunt.

Obviously, act soon because these deals are totally limited time.

Mo’s Egg Hunt is a roundup of Newegg’s best sponsored deals for Massively OP readers. It is crafted by MOP sales manager Michael Gray, who operates independently from our editorial team. Affiliate purchases made through Massively OP help keep us online.
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