Spirit Lords is an adorable mobile ARPG by SWTOR’s Daniel Erickson


Jonesing for a fun mobile Diablo-like title? Then it might behoove you to check out the recently released Spirit Lords on both iOS and Android.

Spirit Lords is a free-to-play action RPG in which players take on one of two classes and acquire numerous “spirits” that add various abilities to aid in battle. It’s a hub-and-instance setup that allows for both solo and multiplayer, with the added factor of a guild system for social and cooperative support.

The game was made in part by Daniel Erickson, the former creative director of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Erickson said that his passion for MMOs was a driving force behind this game: “On Spirit Lords, we’ve been able to talk the grand scale and scope of epic console RPGs and MMOs and attempt to recreate that feel on the mobile platform while still having room to experiment.”

You can check out the launch trailer for Spirit Lords below!

[Source: Spirit Lords, 148apps.com]
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