Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward update: Job and racial lore

Nothing is ever straightforward.
The official teaser site for Final Fantasy XIV‘s first expansion, Heavensward, has gotten a big update today. If you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat hoping for more information about the Au Ra, you have it today; the isolationist Raen secure themselves behind mountains in eastern Othard, while the nomadic Xaela tribe carries the banners of the ancestors and keeps to the old ways as they roar across the steppes.

Dark Knights, Astrologians, and Machinists get more elaboration as well. Machinists are Ishgard’s attempt to deal with the intensifying Dragonsong War, wielding fierce new weapons inspired by the Garlond Ironworks. Dark Knights serve as champions to the Ishgardian smallfolk, hunting down those knights and inquisitors who become corrupt, bearing no mark of allegiance save their swords. Last but not least, Astrologians practice ancient Sharlayan arts allowing them to alter the future rather than simply predicting it. If you missed it, we’ve included the most recent expansion trailer past the break, but be warned that it contains spoilers for the end of 2.55’s story.

[Source: Official Heavensward site]
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