Camelot Unchained adds spirit pet stretch goal

Camelot Unchained

Here is some good news for you Camelot Unchained fans who also like pet classes. CityState has found a way to work around the various technical issues that were preventing a proper pet handler from filling out the RvR title’s roster.

Spirit pets are betterĀ than their fleshy counterparts because they can float above the ground, move through objects, and otherwise sidestep a whole bunch of pathing problems with relative ease. “Treating some of them as spells also means that we can leverage our tech to add them to the game at a very low cost,” says the latest website update.

It’s worth noting that CityState is calling this stretch goal an Extender Pack, which means that it won’t be developed until after launch so as to avoid negatively affecting the release date. The post says that further discussion on the spirit pet mechanics will come later.

[Source: Spirit in the sky; thanks Dutchman!]
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