Star Trek Online’s Iconian War begins today

If at first you don't succeed, alter the timeline.
For the past five years of operation, Star Trek Online has built up to the conflict with the Iconians. Now it’s time for the Federation, the KDF, and the Romulan Republic to face off against this ancient foe, starting today. The game’s most recent patch has gone live, pitting players against the race that was ancient before humanity even gazed up at the stars.

Naturally, they’re trying to destroy everything because these ancient races that were sealed away can never turn out to just be, like, super friendly.

The update features three new queues for players to take part in, a new reputation, and new episodes featuring the voice work of Robert McNeil (Captain Tom Paris) and Lisa LiCicero (Lieutenant Miral Paris). There are also special rewards for players who log in to check out all of the changes during the first week that the patch is live. So strap on a phaser and get ready to take on the Iconians – it’s a fight that’s been a long time coming.

[Source: Season 10 announcement]
Update:¬†Cryptic has announced an extended downtime for Wednesday morning to address serious bugs introduced with this patch, among them a bug causing¬†missing bank, exchange, and mail items. “There is a fix currently being worked on for this and no items will be permanently lost,” says the studio.
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