SWTOR ‘Fallen Empire’ teaser prompts expansion rumors

All things go, all things go.
The team behind Star Wars: The Old Republic posted a single image with a simple hashtag: #FallenEmpire. No further explanation or extrapolation was offered. You can check out the image yourself on the official site at a higher resolution than what’s here (and with no cropping), but that doesn’t answer the question – what are we looking at here?

Speculation is running rampant for players on Reddit, with many fans noting that the colors are wrong for a Sith facility but the lines of the architecture and the ships outside bear definite resemblance. Theories range from Darth Jadus to the Emperor himself; there’s also speculation that the picture could very well be of Mandalorian or Rakatan ships and facilities. Nothing is certain yet, but the community cantina tour hinted at a date right before E3, which might shed more light on this mystery about what’s coming next in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Those of you hoping for a tie-in with the upcoming movie, meanwhile, may do well to remember that the purge of the EU still leaves the game as non-canonical… but then, that may free up the writers to do more drastic things, hmm?

[Source: Image preview, Reddit]
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