World of Warplanes is nixing three-player flights

World of Warplanes

Wargaming is doing away with┬áthree-player premades in its World of Warplanes aerial battler. The firm’s latest dev blog says that three-player flights have an average win ratio of 66 percent. That number rises when the three-flight in question is “well trained,” which has Wargaming concerned about balance and inequality not only for the losing teams but for the winning teams that score fewer kills and earn less XP and credits on account of weak opposition.

“We’ve been tracking and analyzing the situation for a long time, looking for ways to fix it with slight changes,” Wargaming says. “Unfortunately, that does not seem possible and so we’ve decided to turn to radical measures. When the Update 1.8 comes online the flights will be limited to two players only instead of three.” The firm says that two-player premades don’t have as much influence over the battle, and they also give solo players a greater chance to survive and contribute.

[Source: Dev blog]

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