The Powerplay update will change how you play Elite: Dangerous

It'd make a cool Transformer, but I think that about lots of stuff.

The next big update for Elite: Dangerous centers around the Powerplay system, and it’s enough to change the way you see the game world. Powerplay allows players to ally themselves with various galactic powers, at which point their actions begin to directly influence the nature of the galaxy and the local power structure. Every faction has its own ethos and way of taking control of systems, and players can take part in that while earning rewards for protecting factional interests and furthering the cause.

Players will also have access to two new ships, an overhauled mission system, and new drones for tasks such as collecting cargo. It promises to be a pretty significant shot in the arm for the game, justifying a rather bullish prediction that Frontier Developments has made that estimate 22 million GBP in revenue by the end of the financial year.

[Source: Newsletter, London South East; thanks to Cotic and Colin for the tip!]
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