Bungie reveals the Reef and more for Destiny’s House of Wolves

Also known as a puppyhouse.

House of Wolves is the next big update for Destiny, and the team at Bungie is ready to start revealing what it’s all about. Said reveals have already started, in fact, with a video tour of the Reef available below. There’s discussion of your new primary story agent, new factional gear, and reforging new Crucible and Vanguard gear for different perk sets. And another reveal is coming up soon, with a reveal of the Trials of Osiris slated for April 29th at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

With all of these changes, players have wondered what’s going on with commendations, and the answer is simple: They’re going away. Players who already have a stack of them can use them for reputation gains, but they’re getting removed as part of the upgrade path. You can check out more extra details about the update in the most recent community news, or you can just jump on down to the video below.

[Source: Bungie weekly update]

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