DUST 514 adds EVE Online-themed armor skins


It’s no small understatement to say that DUST 514 has failed to achieve the same following and numbers that its big sibling, EVE Online, has. So perhaps you can’t blame CCP when it attempts to leech off of EVE by creating, say, EVE-themed armor skins for DUST 514.

Coming tomorrow, the first dozen DUST 514 SKINs will give players a way to dress up their soldiers in the fashion of their favorite battleships. No, that is not a sentence we thought we’d be writing when we got up this morning. The armor skins draw inspiration from the colors and patterns of popular EVE Online ships, and will be purchasable both in the cash shop and through in-game ISK.

This may be the start of a trend for DUST 514, as CCP said that it has many more SKINs in the works for future updates.

[Source: Introducing DUST 514 SKIN Modules]
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