The Saga of Lucimia focuses on ‘group-based emergent gameplay’


The days of coddling solo players through a massively multiplayer experience are over — at least according to one upstart indie MMO.

Meet The Saga of Lucimia, an in-development sandbox that eschews solo content for 100% “group-based emergent gameplay” in a dangerous and hostile environment. Players will need at least three other friends and a whole lot of supplies to head out into the wild to look for adventures, progress through the epic story, and find trainers for the skill-based character system.

The team says that it’s intentionally returning to the era of early EverQuest to reintroduce true danger and group cooperation into the MMO genre. Players will have to contend with multiple languages, corpse runs, and a lack of healing magic in their journeys.

“This is more than just a game,” the team posted. “It is a living, breathing world with a rich, deep texture of history and lore, where danger lurks around every corner and adventure awaits the moment you step out of any door.”

While The Saga of Lucimia is being funded by the developers, the team is seeking $5,000 through an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for an alpha server and various legal fees. The target year of release for the MMO is 2017.

[Source: The Saga of Lucimia, Indiegogo. Thanks to Joseph for the tip!]
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