Ranked play is coming to Infinite Crisis on May 8

Infinite Crisis

Think you’re good at Infinite Crisis? You’ll have a chance to prove it on May 8th when Turbine unveils ranked play for its DC universe MOBA. You’ve got a bit of homework to do in preparation, though if you’ve been playing for more than a couple of days, chances are good that you’re already done.

Ranked opens up after you’ve completed two objectives. First you’ll need to play 20 PvP matches on the Coast City map. Next, you’ll need to unlock 14 of the game’s champions. And that’s it! You can learn more about ranked IC via Turbine’s most recent dev stream, which we’ve embedded after the cut.

[Source: Announcement post]
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I got a crap ton of points from a video card I bought. I just haven’t been able to decide which guys i want to  buy. If you log in enough days in a row, you get joker and batman for free.