War Thunder update celebrates Victory Day’s 70th anniversary

As we near the 70th anniversary of World War II’s Victory in Europe Day, War Thunder figured that it would be a good time to pump out a massive update to mark the occasion. Today Gaijin Entertainment unleashed the Weapons of Victory 1.70.1945 update, which contains a whopping 40 new vehicles and three additional theater maps.

With the patch, players can hop into war machines like the UK’s Sea Gladiator plane and the T34 Sherman “Calliope” rocket-launching tank, and fight on new maps such as Normandy and Reichstag. There are even a half-dozen historical fighter planes that are waiting to tell players stories about the pilots who once flew them.

The update also added improved materials for its vehicles that allow the game to accurately display battle damage. Finally, there are new tournament events coming for the best pilots and commanders to undertake. You can watch a dev diary on the update after the break!

[Source: Damage dev diary, events dev diary, patch notes. Thanks, Zariarn!]

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