ArenaNet strips, kills, deletes, and bans Guild Wars 2 cheater

Guild Wars 2

Today’s lesson is that you shouldn’t cheat in online games. Alas, a Guild Wars 2 character had to die to provide this valuable information if you couldn’t come up with that one on your own, as players captured video of a rather notorious cheater doing that cheat thing. If you were wondering if video evidence was enough for ArenaNet to ban you, well, yes it is.

How do we know that? Because Chris Cleary, game security lead, posted video of the team logging in to the character, stripping him of his gear, flinging him to his death in the middle of Divinity’s Reach, and then deleting the character. And to add insult to injury, yes, the player is banned now. So “don’t be filmed while cheating” could be the lesson here, but we prefer to go with “don’t cheat.”

[Source: Forum thread; thanks to Siphaed for the tip]
Update¬†2015-05-08¬†10:28:47: No less than the BBC has picked up this story. “Hacker given in-game death sentence,” the Beeb says, putting this important issue into perspective for international news readers.
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