APB weathers (another) GTA V launch

Happiness is a warm gun.

I feel kinda bad for APB Reloaded given that it’s had to weather not one but two launches of GTA V, first on consoles in 2013 and more recently last month as Rockstar brought the number one selling video gameĀ of all time to the PC.

Perhaps I shouldn’t feel bad, though, sinceĀ GamersFirst’s latest blog post claims that a “slew of new players found APB during this heightened interest in urban city combat.” The post also features a development roadmap which runs through August of 2015 and which includes everything from an engine revamp to new matchmaking to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launches. GamersFirst qualifies that last bit with a nod to the onerous process of obtaining approval from Microsoft and Sony before going live.

“As soon as the formal launch date has been finalized, our publisher will be sharing that information through their channels,” the post explains.

[Source: Blog post. Thanks Byron!]


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