Wargaming tweaks clan stuff in World of Tanks, adds clan rating to WoWP

World of Warplanes
Lots of clan-related stuff is happening in Wargaming titles this week. In World of Tanks, there’s a new clan rating interface, and the devs have tweaked early expedition tasks so that they now have a higher probability of occurring. “Some scenario task prizes have increased,” according to a website update. Finally, challengers battles will “now be fought tournament style, similar to a landing tournament,” Wargaming says.

In World of Warplanes, the clan rating system will soon be a thing, with the number of players, the average number of battles played, the total number of tier X planes with a battle logged, and the average personal rating of all clan members used to calculate the rating.

[Source: WoT, WoWP]

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The new mobile / smart phone World of Tanks game is really cool and fun!  The graphics are amazingly close to what you get in the PC game for a mobile app, and the experience pretty similar.  I highly recommend it.