Nexon revenues rise in early 2015


After reading through Nexon’s financial report for Q1 2015, one can imagine the company skipping along while whistling a merry tune. Yes, it’s generally good news for the MMO publisher, as Nexon’s revenues are up 9% year-over-year and looking strong almost across the entire board. While revenue was down in Japan, it rose higher in North America during this period.

The company attributes its performance to rebounding titles (such as Dungeon & Fighter), the launch of DomiNations (an empire builder), and the Lunar New Year period. Nexon’s primary source of revenue is from PC games although its mobile division is accounting for around 16% of income. It’s also noteworthy just how much Nexon depends on Asia for its revenue: China (44%), Korea (39%), and Japan (11%) account for a vast majority, while North America, Europe, and other markets make up only a paltry 6%.

Nexon anticipates continued growth in the next quarter with several promising projects on deck, including MapleStory 2, Ghost in the Shell Online, and its partnership with Square-Enix to publish Final Fantasy XI Mobile.

Source: Nexon financials, Nexon press release
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