Rumor: Blade & Soul might be in internal testing for US release

I repent.

Hey, you all remember the guy causing a whole kerfluffle about the fact that WildStar is supposedly going free-to-play? Good times! But the Redditor who started that thread wasn’t done revealing internal secrets, although the account seems to have subsequently been banned (possibly for ban-dodging, possibly for being a jerk). In a comment, the supposed anonymous employee claims that Blade & Soul is currently in friends-and-family testing within NCsoft for a US release.

Blade & Soul came out in Korea roughly seven million years ago, give or take, and the fact that it hasn’t been localized was a source of great consternation among would-be fans. While the source is anonymous and at this point the whole thing is nothing but a rumor, it’s a rumor that does have the shape of a true story to it. Feel free to get your speculation on down and out of your system in the comments.

Source: Reddit; thanks to Skoryy, Nreff, and Ness for the tip!
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