Space Engineers opens its code base to modders

Space Engineers

Hey space engineers, how would you like access to the source code of, um, Space Engineers? You can have it, since developer Keen Software House is publicly releasing “100 percent complete access” to its code base in order to further the space sandbox’s modding community.

Since its October 2013 Steam early access release, Space Engineers users have created more than 3,000 mods and uploaded 100,000 items to the Steam Workshop.

The game isn’t going into maintenance mode, either, according to Keen’s press release. “The developers will keep adding core features and weekly updates just as they did for the last two years,” the firm explains. Keen has also set aside $100,000 to fund users who are building total conversion mods based on Space Engineers or the VRAGE engine.

Source: Keen press release
Correction: An earlier version of this article erroneously suggested that the project is open source; it is not. With thanks to Seamus for the clarification.
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