Survarium reverses its disastrous server merge


Even though they may be feared, server merges are a fact of life in many MMOs. One such merge came this past April in Survarium, in which the North American and European servers were smooshed together to better consolidate the population and provide faster matchmaking. However good the intentions, the end result has cheesed off many North American players.

As such, Vostok Games apologized and said that it will be reversing its decision by un-merging the servers to restore them to their former region-bound status.

“In recent weeks there has been an outcry by the community regarding the regional servers and our decision to merge the EU and NA servers to increase the speed of matchmaking,” the team posted. “This had a two-fold effect; players were matched at a faster rate but at the sacrifice of NA servers and thus many players revolted and have chosen not to play until such time as we separate all regions once again.”

The great un-merge will happen with Survarium’s Version 29 update in June. The game has been in early access since its initial release in early April.

Source: Twitlonger via PC Gamer
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