The Repopulation adds diplomacy minigame with new patch


Wait, there are other ways to resolve conflict with in-game NPCs than to stab large holes in their torsos? The Repopulation seems to think so, as the sci-fi sandbox has added a new diplomacy minigame with today’s 15.4.1 patch.

This new system allows you to interact with “intelligent” characters and use various skills such as diplomacy, intimidation, or entertainment to try to get them to see things your way. According to the patch notes, “The minigames offered are selected based on the NPCs current moods, dilemmas, their profession or other elements. Players will be given multiple choice options to take, and a roll will be made against the appropriate skill.”

The patch adds a slew of improvements and additions, including feature upgrades to the UI, more options for player cities, changes to the combat system, a hacking minigame, and the Wailing Chasm dungeon for groups and raids.

Source: Patch notes
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