Guild Wars 2’s Lion’s Arch reconstruction has begun


Guild Wars 2’s Lion’s Arch reconstruction has begun, declare patch notes and a new dev post released today by ArenaNet’s Gaile Gray. The patch notes, which also include a number of PvP and PvE tweaks, begin with this in-character announcement from Captain Kiel:

Attention, citizens of Lion’s Arch

The rebuilding effort has begun! Please tread carefully around the construction zones, and try to respect the workers as they transform our beloved port into something new. Planning has taken much time, as the architects have had to work through many engineering and architectural challenges before agreeing on the final design of the city. Thank you for your patience and resilience during this difficult time. Together we’ll make the new Lion’s Arch a metropolis for the ages.

—Ellen Kiel

The original city was wrecked by everyone’s no one’s favorite villain Scarlet Briar during the first season of the living story. In her dev post, Gray explains that New LA has learned its lessons well and will be more heavily fortified yet still super pretty and convenient for players who want to gather there. Those of you who’ve been unhappy with ArenaNet’s name choices for the new class specs might want to take note of a player poll that will determine the names of the new city’s districts.

“While we don’t have a date for the final unveiling, we can say that—due to the advantages of off-site construction—one morning in the next few months you’ll awake to a newly refreshed Lion’s Arch,” Gray teases.

We’ve included the impossibly dreamy art of New LA below.

Source: Dev post, patch notes. Thanks, Siphaed!
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