Blizzard takes cigar from Heroes of the Storm character, internet flips tables


Tychus is now on the nicotine patch.

Blizzard has removed the cigar from its depiction of the Starcraft II character in its upcoming Hereoes of the Storm, setting off a minor internet conniption. “We know smoking is bad, everybody does,” one Reddit poster wailed. “BUT! It’s not Blizzard’s job to make sure we don’t do it anyway. It’s an iconic part of the Tychus character. BRING BACK HIS CIGAR!”

In response, the studio said that some regions wouldn’t allow a teen rating if the cigar remained and that making two versions would be too time- and work-intensive. “These scenarios emerge frequently, and the cigar-removal was a impulsive fix because we want as many people as possible to experience the same content,” Blizzard responded.

Source: Reddit
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