Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward site updates with new lore

Try to actually get a whole lot of things done at once while panicking, that's the option I apparently don't get to avoid.
Ready for Final Fantasy XIV‘s first expansion? You’re going to have to wait just a little while longer, since early access starts on June 19th. But you can take a bit of the pressure off the wait by checking out the latest lore reveals on the official expansion site, which dive into the stories behind several prominent figures, the new beast tribes, and the landscape.

Players will be encountering expected familiar faces such as Ysayle (Iceheart, if you will) and Aymeric alongside new figures such as Count Edmont de Fortemps. They’ll also be exploring Abalathia in more depth as airship technology comes to the forefront in Ishgard, along with the Sharlayan structures that been abandoned in Dravania. It’s plenty of lore for eager fans to peruse, even if it’s not quite as good as being able to start hacking along in the Highlands immediately.

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