H1Z1 introduces hardcore Battle Royale, now with bears

How hard could it be, indeed.

Odds are good that you’ve had experience with H1Z1‘s Battle Royale gameplay by now if you’ve played the game for any length of time. So how could that mode expand without adding in a bunch of Japanese teenagers killing one another? By going hardcore. A new dispatch outlines the changes of the new Hardcore Battle Royale, which ups the stakes right from the start by adding zombies and bears into the mix. Seriously. “Bears have also found their way onto the playing field and they’re just as deadly as before.”

Players taking part in this gameplay mode will also be limited to first-person view and the matches will take place at night, limiting your ability to look around and know what’s coming. There are also no vehicles around for you to rely upon. Only first-place winners are rewarded by the mode, witch six new items available for successfully taking on all opponents. In short, yes, it’s pretty hardcore after all.

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