Marvel Heroes makes retcons free forever


Listen up, bub: The era of using rare retcon potions to reset your Marvel Heroes characters is about to end. Gazillion announced yesterday that it has decided to make retconning — the act of resetting power and omega points — an unlimited feature with next week’s second anniversary patch.

“With the evolution of the Marvel Heroes over the last two years, the sheer number of heroes that exist, the number of items, item slots, synergies and the ever increasing game modes, including raids with various mechanics and upcoming content such as Danger Room and Leaderboards, the time has come to allow player flexibility to win out over permanence of decision making when it comes to power point allocation,” the studio said.

Existing retcon potions will be turned into items that can be traded to a vendor for other goodies.

Source: Official forums. Thanks to BalsBigBrother for the tip!
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